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WestMet Classical Training was created to inspire young dancers to achieve excellence in their technique, and a love for this art form that transcends a physical career in ballet. Located in the West Metropolitan area of Minnesota, our goal is to become a national landing place for serious pre-professional ballet students wanting the most out of their training and future.


Our curriculum emphasizes a foundation of pure, unaffected classical technique, with a working prowess in the different styles of ballet pedagogies. Through our training structure, we strive to prepare every one of our dancers to receive scholarship opportunities to summer intensives, and placement in top international finishing schools when they are ready to leave home. We offer our dancers multiple performance opportunities throughout the year, furthering their understanding of professional life at a young age. We coach and groom our students to envision and realize a professional ballet career. Our dancers will leave us with a bright future and a lifetime love for the art of ballet.

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